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Hi my name is Ian and welcome to The Small Workshop.co.uk

The aim of this site is to show off my engineering projects with photos and descriptions, showing what can be achieved with a Mini-lathe and Micro-milling machine, probably very similar equipment as you are using. If this web site gives you inspiration to start a project then it will be all worthwhile!

I have recently got myself a YouTube Channel as a sort of blog site to show my machining methods and work.  The channel is ‘Machine Shop in a Garage’  which sort of describes my workshop in a nutshell.  Please have a look at the drop down header menu for the YouTube video links.

My big purchase is a hobby CNC milling machine, made by Sieg and supplied by Arc Euro Trade.  There will be many jobs with a mix of CNC and manual machining.

For info all the recent posts are automatically sent to ‘Archives’ so it’s always worth a look there for interesting stuff.

Thanks for looking and come back soon


The world of small engineering