Apprentice pieces

As an apprentice fitter / turner in the chemical industry, we had to learn all the skills of fitting and turning, from using a file to operating machine tools.  We also learnt trade skills in other disciplines, fabrication, welding, instrument and electrical before going on to our chosen trade.

Part of the assessment process was to make various set pieces.  One of the first was to make our own toolbox, then make some of the tools to put in it (some of which I still use today!)   Here are photos of some of my apprentice pieces, they are not as rusty as they look in the photos!  The 6″ rule is for scale.

6″ machine level, with rotating cover. Aluminium base, mild steel supports and inner tube, the outer tube is made from nickel, our instructor happened to have a length of it, so we had to use it!
Scribing block. All mild steel.
Pipe flange square. All mild steel.
Three legged puller. All mild steel
Useful tin box with rolled wired edges. Tinned mild steel plate all soldered fabrication
Centre square. Mild steel
Machine vice, I use this regularly in my small workshop, it’s just the right size for lots of jobs. All mild steel
Engineers set square. Mild steel with tool steel blade

The world of small engineering