1. Hacksaw frames

1.  Hacksaw frames.

When using a hacksaw, whether it’s a 12″ or 6″ junior frame, remember to slacken off the tension screw after use.  This will reduce the strain on the frame when it is put away until the next use.

When you do tension the frame again don’t over-tighten the tension nut, one way of testing the tension is to flick the blade with your finger nail, the blade should sound ‘solid’ and not vibrate.  If it is too loose you can always tighten it up a bit more, if it starts out too tight you cannot make it any tighter.

If this is carried out after every use, a frame will last many years.  I am still using the same Eclipse 12″ frame I was issued with as an apprentice!

Look after your tools and they will last and last.

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