I have finally sorted out a YouTube video channel at last! Titled:

‘Machine Shop in a Garage’

(which neatly sums up my small workshop!)

I’ll put links here for each video. The first video is making a Tesla Valve from his original patent.

Second video is making a T handle 5mm hex key

Video number three: Using a digital height gauge (yes I know I called it a ‘vernier’ height gauge in the video but I didn’t realise my mistake until the movie was made!). Here I explain how to mark out eight holes equally spaced using only the height gauge and tables in the Zeus book.

The above video is engraving ‘The Small Workshop’ on a block of aluminium.

The video below is reverse engraving the fuselage designation lettering and RAF roundel for WWII Hawker Typhoon RB396

RB396 is being restored by the Hawker Typhoon Preservation Group. To follow the progress or to support the restoration please visit:

Making a new scriber for my digital height gauge. Posted November 2020
Removing hammer in rivets. Posted November 2020
Parting off stainless steel on the Mini Lathe. Posted December 2020
Making a governor for the Stothert & Pitt beam engine. Posted December 2020
Making a pipe centre for the Mini Lathe Posted Jan 2021
Making a splined thumb screw on the KX1 CNC
Pressure turning to make brass discs

The world of small engineering