Tesla Valve

This is a reproduction of Nikola Tesla’s ‘Valvular Conduit’ more commonly known as the ‘Tesla Valve’.

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He patented this valve in 1920 but never actually made one! My reproduction has been copied from his original US patent. Some guesswork was needed as the patent drawings are not very sharp or crisp.

The buckets and diverter tabs are designed to offer resistance to liquid flow in one direction and preferential flow in the other, it works like a slightly leaking valve. It is often incorrectly referred to as a one way valve.

The ball bearings show how the tabs and buckets give resistance to the flow of liquid by getting trapped, resulting in a blockage in one direction. In the other direction the liquid flows very easily due to the angle of the diverter tabs giving a preferential flow.

Made of aluminium and perspex with brass screws and chromed ball bearings. Machined on the KX1 CNC mill.

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