Four little telescopes

This is a photo step by step of the making of four little model telescopes, which were presented to guest speakers at the North West Astronomy Festival, held at The Heath offices in Runcorn Cheshire 27th & 28th June 2015.  Organised by Andrew and Sue Davies of The Knowledge Observatory it is one of the largest independent festivals in the UK.  Here’s the website address


Below are a series of photos building the little scopesIMAG2881IMAG2882



IMAG2884IMAG2886 IMAG2887 IMAG2888 IMAG2889IMAG2890 IMAG2892 IMAG2893 IMAG2894 IMAG2895IMAG2896 IMAG2899 IMAG2900 IMAG2904 IMAG2912 IMAG2949IMAG2960 IMAG2963 IMAG2971 IMAG2977 IMAG2986



Here are some photos from the North West Astronomy Festival 2015 courtesy of John Harty, The Knowledge Observatory  and Runcorn and Widnes Astronomical Group (

NWAF15 Damian Peach NWAF15 Will Gater 27Jun15 NWAF Andrew presenting telescope NWAF15 Andrew Davies at NWAF 15 Damian Peach astrophotography NWAF15

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