Belt sander convertion

I recently bought a bench grinder combined with a belt sander.  It is a useful addition to the workshop as it can be used to de-bur parts, radius corners, square up the ends of tubes etc.  But the problem was that the belt sander attachment was positioned at an angle taking up a lot of room on my small work bench area.  So to make it fit better on the bench I decided to dismantle the belt sander and reposition it vertically.



Dismantling the belt sander (making sure it is unplugged of course!)




Now we can see what’s inside the cover.  The adjustable top roller is slackened off and the belt and roller is removed



Using a puley extractor




A trial fit vertically shows that everything lines up good, the housing has a couple of spare bolt slots but I would like it to be held on by three bolts.



A new slot needs to be marked out and milled



Clamping the housing on the milling table and milling the slot






All assembled and working well.  Now it takes up a lot less room.  I have also added a small tool rest at a right angle to the belt.  This can be adjusted if needed.

The world of small engineering